Every dance has a story…

The dress costumes for the Irish step dance competitions have certainly changed, and just as the dances have become more and more advanced and challenging so have the dresses.

Generations ago, the appropriate dress was your simple “Sunday Best” outfit, but as the dance developed and grew more and more popular, the dresses became the statement of the dancer… They became the extension of the dance and a reflection of the story you want to tell through the dance.

So when we had the opportunity to design a dress for this years national competition, we decided to tell a story of the ever flowing river. The dress’s fluidity and the colours signify the flow of the river, the ever changing motion.

White and blue are very calming colours, that go well together without competing with each other, making the dress flow together.

All hand crafted with each tiny detail sewn on individually by hand.

It was a lengthy process to say the least… but well worth it.